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▼ Saionji Hiyoko [ OU ]
Birthday: March, 9
Astrology Sign: Pisces
Soul Arcana: Reversed Devil
Unlucky Arcana: The Hermit, The Sun, Strength & The Hanged Man
String Color: [#FF9C38]

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BITCH. Staying in Libra 9-01.

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[She'll probably leave a rude message in return, but eh, whatever. IC inbox for Saionji!]

Yeah, helloooo? Do you really need to take up more of my time? Well, if you must... but don't you dare bother me if I don't reply!
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Technically, I have no problem with anyone... stabbing Saionji, or the like, if you get what I mean. However, this is mostly to address the insults Saionji likes to throw out. If you ever feel like it's getting out of hand, feel free to just say it!

This is also a post for spoilers opt-out (not stolen from Nanami ahahahah of course not), so basically if you're not okay with spoilers feel free to tell!

Backtagging? No prob. Threadjacking? No problem either. I'm pretty cool with anything basically.

Also a HMD because why not
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I'm busy right now, but if it's something important, leave a message. And don't you dare leave me with trash, I'm occupied enough as is!

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something else i'll never update
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because if i don't have one i'm going to regret it very much soon

surprise bitch )


29/4/28 09:53
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[When you open up the video feed, you'll see Saionji's face pressed up really close to the screen. As if she doesn't want to show anything else. You can hear an endless pitter-patter of rain in the background, too. HEY GUESS WHO GOT UNCEREMONIOUSLY SCARED OUT OF HER WITS YESTERDAY? The, ahem, recent events in Goldenrod definitely didn't help to calm her down when that happened. Holy shit.

Now that she's awake, though, it's time to be a good citizen and inform everyone of something odd going on! ...Right?]

Someone, send a search party to look for a dead body in the National Park. Specifically, one that might have been torn apart by birds.

[She's not at Goldenrod yet, so she keeps the message short- which might not be a good idea. Who needs explanations, anyway? She's Saionji Hiyoko, just fucking do it!]


[If you're in Route 35 or the general north outskirts of Goldenrod, you might spot a girl with a short bob cut walking in the rain with the most sour expression and a pathetic yellow wax umbrella over her head. She's tucked her (utterly drenched) large yellow hat under her right arm. She normally wears it to conceal that hideous new haircut of hers, but she doesn't want to have even more a headache than she already has.

And when I say she looks utterly miserable, I mean 'her kimono is drenched up till kneelength with mud, she's sniffling periodically and there is dried soil between her toes' miserable.

...Will you approach? She looks like she might bite you.]
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let's say A is anyone and B is someone who treats A terribly by society's standards

which is dumb to follow but for the sake of argument

so B gets into trouble and by A's point of view they've done nothing but horrible things to them

and A still helps B out of trouble without any way of using the situation to make them 'owe one' or blackmail

what exactly could A be thinking?

[...Saionji is not very good at all this anonymous business.

What's up with all this, though?]
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[The feed switches on with... complete darkness. Then, the screen fumbles, before most viewers realize there's sounds in the background. Sounds that may just be furious screeching.

That... doesn't sound good. Especially coming from Saionji. The camera is shifted violently again, before a Mawile's face pops up on screen. She looks distressed- is she broadcasting this as a call for help?]

Maw! Mawile! [To all those who understand, HELP I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO, NO ONE DOES! Before anyone gets hypothesizing on what happened, the focus moves yet again. The screeching is much more apparent now, as Saionji's Mawile bravely marches towards the source of the problem.]

-REAL! How dare you...!

[Oh, look, it's Saionji. Except... wait, hold on, when did all her hair grow back? The Pokémon shifts the screen again, to reveal...

...oh god. There's two Saionjis. One with short hair and one with long hair still in twin tails. Well... at least it's an easy way to tell them apart!]

Are you sniffling? How pathetic! [For ease of reference, Route!Saionji = Orange text, and Strings!Saionji = Black text. Yes, that is indeed a Destiny Strings counterpart you have there, little Hiyo-chan.] WAAAH! Big Bro Kobayakawa, help meeee!

'Big Bro Kobayakawa' this, 'Big Bro Kobayakawa' that... how dare you take the pretense of me and act like such a weak tool! Where even is this person you're calling out for? You're all alone, bitch! He must've ditched you when he realized whatever master plan you were cooking up was going to fail... teehee!

[Wiping the tears away from her eyes, Strings!Saionji suddenly raised her head, straightening her back...] I'm not weak, you dumb faker...! If you're going to pretend to be me, at least get the hair right!

You have no right to-

Izumo-no-Okuni! Help me! [And at that moment, out of fucking nowhere, a woman that looks like someone straight out of an old Japanese artwork pops up. And Route!Saionji...]

What the hell kind of Pokémon is that?! [...is understandably confused. Mawile finally drops the camera.]


[If you have the misfortune of being in the Goldenrod City area- not that your location really counts, seeing how all the routes are fucked to hell- you may experience this scene with your own eyes instead of through the screen. Godspeed.]

[[OOC: Video can only speak to Route!Saionji or Mawile, but through action you can speak to Strings!Saionji.]]
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[A strange text comes onto the network. Wait, what's that name? No one's seen her since Poolgate 2014, what's-]

how do you get muk grime out of your hair

[No one's seeing her face yet... though, no one in their right mind would be really worried with her sudden lack of presence. After that Spoink horde.

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[Late in the night of March 10th, an unholy hour for any interaction... this lovely face comes online.

...What is with this girl and terrible network posts...

In any case, her eyes are suspiciously red. Was she crying? Yes, she was. Not anymore, though. She seems pretty okay now. If 'horribly angry' is classified as okay for Saionji at this point.]

This has gone too damn far! This time, when I find out who stole my Lilligant, Nako, even torture won't be enough for you! I'll roast you alive in three different ways and end you every time you come back!

[...Yeah. There's a little pause as she sniffs and her commanding stance falters, but hell no is she crying.] It was my birthday yesterday... uuu... how can you be so cruel...


...If the thief wants to own up and stop delaying their punishment, they can find me at Goldenrod Inn. Don't expect me to go easy on you for admitting, though. Otherwise, I would... like... [...POLITENESS HOW DO] ...someone to teach me how to make chocolate cake before March 14th.

[Whew, that was all said in one breath. It was a nicely phrased request, oddly enough- she really needs to learn, okay. There's a pause.] I'll pay you. [Another pause.] And don't say a peep of this to Big Sis Nanami if you want to stay healthy!


[And she is, indeed, hanging out in Goldenrod Inn instead of the Danganhouse. Room 142, actually. If you decide you have the patience and sheer courage to teach this kid how to bake, she'll come down and hog an empty spot in the inn's kitchen immediately. The staff are pretty lax...]
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[Who's the most terrible trainer in the world? Saionji Hiyoko, that's who. In any case, she's staring at the video screen, a Vaporeon sitting on her lap. And both of them looked pissed as hell.

Hey, it's not like Saionji didn't even notice Naoryuu was gone!... Okay, yeah, she didn't. But that doesn't change the situation right now.]

When I find out who took my Eevee and forcibly evolved him into a Vaporeon when I wanted an Umbreon, I'll have you publicly stoned! Since execution isn't an option here, I'll have to do with torture. You won't get away with this, slimy pig!

[And, video off.]


[Said Vaporeon is currently paddling in the large pond behind the Gym in Violet City. Saionji is sitting at the edge and pouting. Her Petilil is hopping up and down the road bobbing sweets and biscuits on its head from... god knows where to Saionji, but always ends up having to go back to town for more because it gets splashed in the face and dragged into the water by the Vaporeon frequently. Saionji doesn't seem to care much.

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[When the video switches on, she's holding a book- on Pokémon, and sitting in the corner of the Dangan House. There's a paper in her hands, and if you squint, you can make out frantic scrawling in Japanese all over the other side of it, written with a heavy hand- there's imprints on the paper.

Her Mawile is sleeping on the beanbag next to her, and a Petilil carries more books to her obediently. When Saionji takes them, said Petilil goes to bother Ayani instead.]
You know... I've been thinking, and... it's so stupidly pitiful.

[A pause. She doesn't elaborate.] ...And what's a legendary Pokémon?


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